"[My relationships were] like I was in these movies where the script was only half-written. When I’d get to the end of this half-script, the other actors wanted me to ad lib. But I had never gotten the hang of that. That’s why these movies were always box-office failures. Six of them in the past twenty years. I always blew the lines." ~ from my horrible first novel "Learn How To Pretend." (unpublished)(obviously)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Where things are at (despite ending a sentence with a preposition.)

Among the more common phrases written in a typical blog are "Well, it's been a while since I put anything down here..."
This is no different. It has been a while and I'm still not 100% on the direction I want to go. Or, better yet, I am fairly certain of that direction, I'm just not all that clear on when I will find the time.
That said, there's this: I'm in the midst of a pretty big change in life. It began a year ago yesterday when I said, "I'm sick and tired of being a fatass" and meant it and did something about it.
As of a year ago yesterday, I have dropped 34 lbs. I still have 30 lbs more to go to get to my goal of a weight that is healthy for my height and age.
The weight change, and what was involved in getting it to work, is part of a big life change -- or, what has the potential to be one.
I've got a few more weeks of teaching this semester and then I hope to devote some more time in getting down with this. I know that sounds like good intentions, and we all know what that stuff is used to pave.
In the meantime, this podcast will give a sense of some of the things I'm exploring these days, check out this episode of The Good Life Podcast.
Another one I always like to share is Urban Simplicity. Take a gander here. Some great stuff, IMO.
So, long story short, there have been some interesting changes in my life -- interesting not always meaning good -- that I'd like to talk about and share. Soon. Another couple of weeks and the semester ends and I'll have some time.