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Sunday, October 07, 2012

What I'm eating

Eating a good paleo and/or unprocessed diet is not cheap and compromises have to be made. I've been wondering how possible it is for some one on a severely restricted budget. Leaving out the grains helps kick a little extra coin back in the kitty, but it still involves some mindful shopping. I'm guessing I'll be spending a little less on booze, too, so we'll see.

For the most part I've had to give up dreams of locally grown, although I do have some braising greens and a zucchini I bought at the farmers' market. Otherwise, my Veg is coming from frozen as well as pre-packaged salads.

One of the cheapest meat-based protein sources (that is not processed) that I can pick up
is canned fish. I went to Sprouts (formerly Sunflower) last night and picked up some "organic" canned tuna and a couple cans of Wild Caught Sardines. I love sardines and they are a great protein source that, because of being so low on the food chain, are pretty safe to eat.

But buying the organic was going to eat into my budget.  I had to bite the bullet, so today I went to Walmart and picked up 4 or 5 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna. It's not ideal, I know, but it was minimally processed. I also got a couple cans of Alaskan Salmon, and three of these Crown Prince Sardines in a bag. I'm not sure what the thought is behind those, but the one I had --  in mustard sauce -- wasn't too bad. While I was at Walmart ( I know. I KNOW!) I got a couple avocados. I like to mash them up with the tuna to create a tuna salad.

Now, it's not all fish here at the RaFa crib, though I'm sure my cats would love that. I picked up two 2-packs of quasi-organic chicken thighs at Sprouts last night for under $2 per pack. Not too bad. More meat than the cans of fish for about the same price as the Sprouts store brand tuna. Oh, and while I was there I got a small wedge of Gouda, another bottle of Kefir, and an onion.

Again, it's not ideal, not even close, but it's ahead of the processed foods, and it's keeping me grain-free for this first 30 days of experimenting.

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