"[My relationships were] like I was in these movies where the script was only half-written. When I’d get to the end of this half-script, the other actors wanted me to ad lib. But I had never gotten the hang of that. That’s why these movies were always box-office failures. Six of them in the past twenty years. I always blew the lines." ~ from my horrible first novel "Learn How To Pretend." (unpublished)(obviously)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Processed food challenge

One last thing before I go to bed (in case you were wondering how I'm doing on the challenge.) Well, actually pretty good. I've also gone grain (specifically wheat) free.

Here's the status. I've eaten two tortillas (in combination with some locally sourced fresh breakfast burritos.) Other than that, I've been grain-free. Not to hard really. Except for the burritos.

As for the processed food, I've done rather well here too. My biggest downfall has been peanut butter. Well, really my biggest downfall is in not eating enough. Today, up until about 7:00, all I'd eaten was about 4oz. of Kefir and a spoonful of peanut-butter and honey.  Yesterday, I think I had the Kefir, a few slices of cheese, a tablespoon or so of Walnuts, and a can of sardines. For the whole day. Overall I was.... well, I was hungry at times, but not feeling energy deprived.

Tonight I had eggs (four total) along with some bacon and braised greens, as well as some Gouda and Cheddar cheeses.

I think sleep is an issue -- not related to this other stuff -- just an issue. I'm not doing it and I need to.

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