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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How should we deal with the system?

My response to  a post on Facebook. Normally I would embrace this sentiment, but a couple of things just rubbed me the wrong way

A few comments on this graphic. I love the overall sentiment, but:
1.) I've found that people who feel compelled to say something like "Fuck the system" usually have a lot of hostility problems that are not going to be solved by following these guidelines. That very fact goes against step 10.

2.) Further, it should be noted that those who sought to 'fuck the system' in the 1960s are pretty much part of said system today.

3.) The simplicity of these suggestions are, in many cases, not possible for those who've already been 'fucked' by the system. What makes anyone think that simply choosing to 'abandon the city' is possible. What's going to happen when you get there? Abandoning the city is a lovely thought, but it is escaping, and smacks of elitism. A better plan (that shows that unconditional love to your current fellow city dwellers) is to work to change the urban landscape. The world's population is too high to go back to a simple pre-industrial lifestyle. You want to fuck the system, don't abandon it, change it.

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