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Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Simple Pathways to Pleasure

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5 Simple Pathways to Pleasure

Hooked on the Pleasure Button
Over 80 percent of the diseases we suffer in America are preventable. As a culture, we work too hard, sleep too little, don’t move enough and keep ourselves running on overdrive. We are addicted to the adrenaline rush we get from sugar, processed foods and caffeine.

Stimulants, sedatives, pain killers, prescription meds, anti-depressants, flavor enhancers, neurotoxins and a steady stream of processed foods pump into our bloodstreams. They sustain the modern pace of living. How long could we handle this lifestyle without all our pleasure buttons?

Brave New World: Your Body Is a Taste Bud
Our bodies are encased within a complex tapestry: the nervous system. It is our interface with the world, and an endless source of pleasure (or pain). The nervous system feeds us information constantly, about our own well-being, the intentions of others and our surroundings. We can feel positive sensations just as strongly as negatives ones. If you find you feel more pain than pleasure, that just means it’s time to re-boot your nervous system.

Our bodies are complex bundles of nerves and receptors. To limit the complex world of sensory pleasure to the small area the size of your tongue is to cheat yourself the joy of being fully alive. 

Real vs. Synthesized Pleasure
The next time you need to recover from stress, ask yourself: Is the source of pleasure you're about to reach for real pleasure, or a cheap substitute? Is it an exploration of how great you can feel, or an embarrassing relapse that leaves crumbs behind?

Compare the brief high of a sugar buzz to the extended euphoria of a runner’s high. Compare a McFoodComa to the inner peace you feel after an hour of yoga… As far as the nervous system is concerned, extended pleasure wins, hands-down. 

5 Simple Pathways to Pleasure
We all crave some type of indulgent sensory stimulation to counteract stress. If you find yourself turning to food too often, chances are you need to feed your other senses first.

There are countless means to experience more pleasure. Here are five simple ways to treat yourself daily, without reaching for food:
1. Move Your Body
2. Welcome Home Stretch
3. Welcome Home Foot Massage
4. Eat Healthy Fats
5. Constructive Rest
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